Economic Impact

The Port of Vermilion is the AHTD’s primary asset, providing more than 400 jobs to skilled and semi-skilled laborers in 2012.  That same year, the port generated a payroll of more than $20M, and companies located at the port constructed projects valued at $55M.  The Port Commission believes this great asset can benefit more than businesses seeking to transport goods.  The multi-faceted District development plan includes phases for business and recreation, serving a broad spectrum of community needs. The Port Commission is creating a master plan for development with the mission to create quality jobs and be an economic engine for the District and the Parish.

The Port of Vermilion, a shallow draft port, accommodates companies that provide offshore drilling rigs and platforms with component parts to companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico, which requires access to the Gulf.  These companies provide jobs within the region around the Port as well as accommodate the material demands of the offshore oil and gas industry, which has a significant impact on the regional and state economy.

Capital investments can be conducted by the Port of Vermilion itself or by companies that are located on the property of the port and make use of the services provided by the port.  It is estimated that companies located at the Port of Vermilion have invested millions in facilities and equipment over the past 25 years.  Given recent efforts to recruit more industries to the Port, it is expected that new construction activity will increase.  This investment may include modernization of the capital structure, an expansion, replacement of depreciated assets, or the installation of new technology.